Accepted Papers
  • Behavior and Social Influence in Knowledge Sharing: Intention Formation and the Moderating Role of Knowledge Type
    Joseph C. Shih and C. K. Farn
  • Extracting Advantage Phrases that Hint at a New Technology's Potentials
    Risa Nishiyama, Hironori Takeuchi, Tetsuya Nasukawa and Hideo Watanabe
  • Web-based knowledge database construction method for supporting design
    Kiyotaka Takahashi, Aki Sugiyama, Yoshiki Shimomura, Takeshi Tateyama, Ryosuke Chiba, Masaharu Yoshioka and Hideaki Takeda
  • Design for Learning and Teaching: a Knowledge-Based Approach to Design Products
    Mahmoud Moradi, Stéphane Brunel, Marc Zolghadri and Bruno Vallespir
  • Classifying Digital Resources in a Practical and Coherent Way with Easy-to-Get Features
    Chong Chen, Hongfei Yan and Xiaoming Li
  • A Knowledge Management Approach for Structural Capital
    Dimitris Karagiannis, Florian Waldner, Anita Stoeger and Martin Nemetz
  • Developing a reference method for knowledge auditing
    Theodoros Levantakis, Remko Helms and Marco R. Spruit
  • Extracting Causal Knowledge Using Clue Phrases and Syntactic Patterns
    Hiroki Sakaji, Satoshi Sekine and Shigeru Masuyama
  • Context-based Text Mining for Insights in Long Documents
    Hironori Takeuchi, Shiho Ogino, Hideo Watanabe and Yoshiko Shirata
  • Organizational Handing Down of Intelligence Skill Using Ontologies and a Rule-Based System
    Masao Okabe, Masahiko Yanagisawa, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Keido Kobayashi, Akiko Yoshioka and Takahira Yamaguchi
  • The Right Expert at the Right Time and Place: from expertise identification to expertise selection
    Pavel Serdyukov, Ling Feng, Arthur van Bunningen, Sander Evers, Harold van Heerde, Peter Apers, Maarten M. Fokkinga and Djoerd Hiemstra
  • Towards "Kiga-kiku" Services on Speculative Computation
    Naoki Fukuta, Ken Satoh and Takahira Yamaguchi
  • Closing Information Gaps with Inverse Search
    Hans-Jörg Happel
  • A Lightweight Approach for Knowledge Sharing in Distributed Software Teams
    Walid Maalej and Hans-Jörg Happel
  • Representing and Retrieving Knowledge Artifacts
    Rosina Weber, Sidath Gunawardena and George Abraham
  • Ontology Based Object Categorization for Robots
    Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams, Xiaoping Chen, Fangkai Yang and Rogan Mendoza
  • Ontology-Based Expertise Finding
    Maryam Fazel-Zarandi and Eric Yu
  • Semantic and Event-based Approach for Link Prediction
    Till Wohlfarth and Ryutaro Ichise
  • Collaborative Filtering using Hidden Markov Model for Ubiquitous Recommendation System
    Jong-Hun Kim, Chang-Woo Song, Kyung-Yong Chung, Un-Gu Kang, and Jung-Hyun Lee
  • Finding Functional Groups of Objective Rule Evaluation Indices using PCA
    Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto, Miho Ohsaki and Takahira Yamaguchi
  • An Empirical Study on the Correlation between Knowledge Management Level and Efficiency in Ceramic Tile Industry
    Gholamreza Khoshsima and Mehdi Ebrahiminejad
  • Collaboration-Oriented Knowledge Management Using Interaction Patterns
    Ulrich Reimer, Uwe Heck and Stephan Streit
  • Social Semantic Bookmarking
    Simone Braun, Valentin Zacharias and Hans-Jörg Happel