There are no hotels near Hiyoshi Station. Just ten minutes or more by express train from Yokohama station to Hiyoshi Station on Tokyu-Yokohama Line (Note that limited express train never stops at Hiyoshi station).

We recommend Yokohama Excel Hotel Tokyu, because the hotel is located near Yokohama station.

Excel Hotel Tokyu offers the following special price for the participants at the PAKM2008. You can reserve the room directly to the hotel. Please announce when you do the reservation that you participate at the PAKM2008, Keio University.

Table of room rates*
Type of room   Single Single**
Yokohama Excel Hotel Tokyu 10,300 12,148 15,700 17,548
Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu 15,000 17,100 18,000 20,100
Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu weekday 8,900 10,500
weekend 9,400 11,000
* Room rates including tax and service charge(JPY)
** Twin room for one person

Yokohama Excel Hotel Tokyu
1-1-12, Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0005
Tel (81) 45-311-1682
Fax (81) 45-311-1084

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
3-4-2, Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041
Tel (81) 3-5756-6000
Fax (81) 3-5756-6001

Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu
31, Oyama, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0131
Tel (81) 476-33-0109
Fax (81) 476-33-0148
E-mail: reservation[at][at]->@)

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